White Trash

  Believe it or not, this is NOT the same statue that this idiot constructed. His 26-foot tall statue, called Forever Marilyn, lowered Chicago’s already tawdry Michigan Mile for a summer. I appreciated his previous works which stood there—a three-dimensional rendition of Grant Wood’s American Gothic and then a metallic, wind-tormented King Lear—but despise the sensational […]

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RPM Challenge 2013

I just completed my participation in the 2013 RPM Challenge. I wrote and recorded an entire album, following the guidelines at the site (10 songs or 35 minutes). It’s… pretty strange. Some things turned out well. Others did not. The entire effort is online though, so, hey, why not put it here? After all, this […]

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Power to the Cloud

A long-ish New York Times article by James Glanz on the power requirements of the modern data center and the specious conclusions about its impact on power consumption and environmentally friendly veneer. Power, Pollution and the Internet

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Slo-Mo Fire Breathing

(Oh man, I’m having trouble embedding the video. This isn’t supposed to happen to me. This is supposed to happen to Scott.) Go watch it on Vimeo; there’s no reason to watch this if it’s not going to be HD.

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A History of Failed Apocalypses

What is the plural of Apocalypse? Turns out, Apocalypses. Turns out. Check out this wonderful infographic (at what point is it just a comic strip?) of failed and future Ends of the World. The Apocalypse Isn’t Happening Anytime Soon [Infographic] | WebProNews. (Found via The United States of Armageddon, source of all your End Times […]

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