Axis of Awesome

Axis of Awesome. The first thing I saw from them was this awesome medley of four chord songs. Now, for you regular nerds out there, “Rage of Thrones.” The beard suits him.

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RPM Challenge 2013

I just completed my participation in the 2013 RPM Challenge. I wrote and recorded an entire album, following the guidelines at the site (10 songs or 35 minutes). It’s… pretty strange. Some things turned out well. Others did not. The entire effort is online though, so, hey, why not put it here? After all, this […]

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Atoms for Peace – AMOK

  Just got an email from Thom Yorke. Atoms for Peace’s new album is out today. You can buy it right now. I saw them in concert two years ago. (Take this with a grain of salt because I only go to a handful of shows a year) It was everything I wanted out of […]

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