Tool is Crazy

I almost posted just the YouTube video, but Cracked deserves the credit. Like The Wizard of Oz and Dark Side of the Moon, there’s no guarantee that this is anything more than the result of two really stoned, really bored guys (who aren’t in Pinky Floyd or Tool.) That said, Tool is definitely crazy enough […]

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Parakeets Versus Monkeys

According to this wonderfully titled reportĀ from, “Rhythmic synchronization tapping to an audio-visual metronome in budgerigars” – You can teach a parakeet to tap in time to a metronome. At the right tempo, they will even have fun. You cannot teach a rhesus monkey to do the same. Parakeets 1, Monkees 0

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Sometimes when I drastically misspell a word out of sheer gchatting laziness, I google the word to see if it has ever been used anywhere online. Somewhat not surprisingly, rhollerskarting has never been used before. Gentlemen, there’s an opportunity here.

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A Mystery List

Eleanor, basilisk giraffe 42 Giraffe Apologize Cater(ing) Wipe & shovel A little frumpy Blue Man-bear-pig Germaning redacted 15 Holster Peanut Hermit

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