White Trash

  Believe it or not, this is NOT the same statue that this idiot constructed. His 26-foot tall statue, called Forever Marilyn, lowered Chicago’s already tawdry Michigan Mile for a summer. I appreciated his previous works which stood there—a three-dimensional rendition of Grant Wood’s American Gothic and then a metallic, wind-tormented King Lear—but despise the sensational […]

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A Form of Time Travel

Behold! Not impressed? Well, try on these info pants for size: The most distant objects here are over 13 billion light years away, and we see them when they were only 500 million years old. That means this picture looks back in time almost 13 billion years. Click the image for the full article on […]

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Now With 200% More Emily Dickinson

The Guardian has reported that A photo of a woman who might-be-could-be-probably-is Emily Dickinson was discovered recently. If confirmed this would bring the known total of Emily-Dickinson-photographs to a whopping… two.* From The Guardian: Here’s the only other known image.   Well! That’s super exciting news. But hold on to your hats, ladies who wear […]

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