Who Benefits from Economic Recovery?

Sociological Images breaks down who makes the most from the recent uptick in the economy. Spoiler alert: It probably isn’t you. Click through for more analysis at the source. We Are Not All In It Together » Sociological Images.

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NY Times infographic: Who is the 1%?

Well, it’s not me. But who is the 1%? The NY Times published a great interactive graphic explaining which professions are most commonly 1%ers. It’s great. Don’t forget to note the sidebar on the right, which explains oddities in the information. “Supervillain” didn’t make the chart though… so something must be askew. The Top 1 Percent: […]

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News on the March

This popped up on Slog – the online aspect of Seattle’s fantastic The Stranger. I am, of course, a regular reader. And today they mention Illinois! Why, my goodness, that’s where I live! This is relevant to me! How wonderful to see news of my beloved home-state swoop in from abroad like a…  Oh. Oh no. […]

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Guantanamo Won’t Be Big Enough

“2012 National Defense Act: ‘Terrifying’ And Must Be Stopped” One of the articles he refers to. The media should be having a field day with this, but they’re not. I don’t understand why. Whether the waiver has been added to protect American citizens or not, the fact that an attempt to enact a law that […]

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The New Yorker on OWS

I recently subscribed to the New Yorker. Their coverage of the OWS movement has been odd, but this article was exactly what I want. OWS isn’t a single group with a single demand. It’s a collection of stories of people who aren’t content with the system-as-stands. This is a long story – but it’s a […]

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Naomi Wolf on OWS

Naomi Wolf writes for The Guardian about violence against OWS protestors. Wolf is as smart as she is outspoken. (The Beauty Myth is absolutely essential reading.) She’s also given to strong rhetoric. And she’s very often right, and most always insightful. Say what you like about Frank Miller, the vitriol he spat against OWS puts […]

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