A Form of Time Travel

Behold! Not impressed? Well, try on these info pants for size: The most distant objects here are over 13 billion light years away, and we see them when they were only 500 million years old. That means this picture looks back in time almost 13 billion years. Click the image for the full article on […]

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Space Spirits

Say you’re an intergalactic traveler and have a bit of the home-brew bug. You set up a still, go about boiling your interplanetary mash, and let that yeast from Rigel 7 get to work. How will your intoxicant endeavors fair in zero gravity? I have no idea. Luckily, some scientists decided to team with Ardbeg’s […]

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Why So Curious?

Here is a link to BoingBoing’s link to the live feed for Curisity’s landing today, as well as a few other fantastic links regarding the exploration of Mars. The picture below will take you to the Wikipedia page for the Mars Science Laboratory (MSL) otherwise known as Curiosity.

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