I Don’t Always Drink Romulan Ale, But When I do…

Whew! It’s still Red Shirt Week. This image is courtesy of George Takei (I also saw it on other social sites, but it’s mother-fucking Takei.) on Facebook. Thankfully, he never went on away missions.

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Crush Dice

Continuing on with Red Shirt Week I am giving a plug to Dragon Chow. Lyndsay is the dynamo behind the machine and she has some fantastically geeky designs. What does this have to do with Trek? This! Wesley Crusher’s sweater design! (I added the Wil Wheaton head*) I’ve never had a dice bag before, but […]

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Dogmic Log – Stardate… Um, Today*

Today a new podcast is premeiring from the Hardwick empire, Nerdist Industries, entitled “Mission Log”. Nerdist has joined forces with Roddenberry Entertainment to bring discussions and indepth looks at each episode of Star Trek’s numerous incarnations. Each podcast episode will focus on an episode of the series, a total of 726. I didn’t see any […]

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What Did He Say?

There are issues with the audio mix for surround sound settings on the new TNG blu-ray discs. I don’t really have much more to say about it. I’m just keeping to the theme. Star Trek TNG Blu-ray Audio Fix

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Wesley Crushers

It’s funny how the character of Wesley Crusher has such a divided following. I don’t know too many people who fall into the grey area of love/hate. But for those who love him, there are plenty of ways to show that love. Like this:

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