Mini Comics Kickstarter

This is my favorite Kickstarter ever. It’s going to end in 48 hours and I need it to reach its goal. Three guys, all of whom are charmingly terrible on camera, are trying to produce six mini comics. The name Mini Comics Included refers to the old-school marketing ploy of including a mini comic in […]

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Reddit user omgwerhvngafire_sale made the greatest pixel art you’ll ever see

Art by omgwerhvngafire_sale Click here for a much larger version. I’ve stared at this for over 30 minutes now and I keep finding new things. Troy and Abed, Flight of the Conchords, the Three Amigos, the Duck Hunt dog, Ace Ventura, Tobias Funke, crazy Ron Swanson petting Lil Sebastian, Cyclops making eyes at Leela, Pac-Man chasing […]

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Facial Hair at Work

I created an easy to understand guideline for the proper way to style facial hair in the workplace. I had to draw the Darkest Timeline goatee because my printer is out of ink. Mustaches, goatees, and “sideburns that are no longer than ear-length” were all permissible. But not the vile Beard!

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Abed’s Master Sword-I Mean Key

This should make up for my Inspector Space-Time faux pas. Cast members lent their character voices to three shorts promoting the March 15 return of the comedy to NBC Thursday nights. Titled “Abed’s Master Key,” the three shorts kick off March 7 on and Hulu with Part 1. Parts 2 and 3 appear March […]

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I read this article from WIRED about Dan Harmon’s writing process for Community a few months ago, I may have shared the article in the DB thread. Harmon uses these circles in which he maps the path of a character throughout an episode, the stages of development are fairly standard. The writer of the article, […]

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SAVE the Clock Tower!

They have a clock tower on the Greendale campus, right? A lot of people are freaking out over NBC’s announcement of their mid-season line-up, particularly the lack of Community. 30 Rock is back in, but Up All Night (The sitcom about… insomnia? I don’t know, it’s got G.O.B. and that chick who was big in […]

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