Princess Avengers

Christopher Stoll has just entirely stolen my heart with this image: That’s Disney’s Pocahontas as Captain America, if you needed the nudge. I would absolutely read this comic/watch this movie/play this video game/drunkenly buy this lego figure on ebay. Click through below and you’ll see Mulan and Snow White, and a few others. It’s also […]

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Layers of Annunciation

Google art is amazing. I know it’s been around, but have you played with it yet? It’s the Street View of fine art. This is the sort of thing that everyone in the world should have access to, and constitutes one of the finest uses of the internet – dare I say it? – EVER. […]

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Big Bang Registry

There is nothing about this that I do not love. Click through for an interactive map of the cosmos that allows users to name topographical objects and envisions the universe as a child’s map. Just click – you won’t be sorry. Big Bang Registry – Explore!.

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