The Old Reader

As some of you may recall, Dogmic was created to fill a certain… void. Ladies and gentlemen, the good editors of Dogmic are not alone. The Old Reader.

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Remember Decay? It’s that zombie movie that was made by scientists at CERN (the Large Hadron Collider), remember? Sure you do. I wrote about an article that Wired wrote that was about that movie. I knew you remembered. Well, the movie was released yesterday. As promised, the whole movie is free for downloading, as well […]

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Layers of Annunciation

Google art is amazing. I know it’s been around, but have you played with it yet? It’s the Street View of fine art. This is the sort of thing that everyone in the world should have access to, and constitutes one of the finest uses of the internet – dare I say it? – EVER. […]

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Power to the Cloud

A long-ish New York Times article by James Glanz on the power requirements of the modern data center and the specious conclusions about its impact on power consumption and environmentally friendly veneer. Power, Pollution and the Internet

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