I’m thrilled by the scientific capability. I have a problem with his answer to the final question, though. How can you argue to bring back species sent to extinction by the carelessness of humanity at the cost of other species? Isn’t that just exchanging one extinct species for another? Possibly more?

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Remember Decay? It’s that zombie movie that was made by scientists at CERN (the Large Hadron Collider), remember? Sure you do. I wrote about an article that Wired wrote that was about that movie. I knew you remembered. Well, the movie was released yesterday. As promised, the whole movie is free for downloading, as well […]

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Two Legends Lost in Space

Neil Armstrong, the first man to step foot on the Moon, donned a red shirt today. As I was thinking of something more poignant to say, I realized that we overlooked the passing of another historic astronaut. Sally Ride, the first woman in space, lost her battle with pancreatic cancer just over a month ago […]

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Killing Time

Apparently there exists a group of physicists who don’t think that time is a dimension. They argue that time is discrete from space. They point out this guy named Gödel, who argued that: In any universe described by the theory of relativity, time cannot exist.  via Physicists continue work to abolish time as fourth dimension of […]

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A History of Failed Apocalypses

What is the plural of Apocalypse? Turns out, Apocalypses. Turns out. Check out this wonderful infographic (at what point is it just a comic strip?) of failed and future Ends of the World. The Apocalypse Isn’t Happening Anytime Soon [Infographic] | WebProNews. (Found via The United States of Armageddon, source of all your End Times […]

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